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Cyberfuck 2020

Saturday, December 14th

10pm til 3am

It is the future

Nano-augmented bottoms walk the streets seeking a fix of the bio-engineered street drug Pure for Men. Gilead Sciences owns the patent to the genes in your cum. The city decays under the looming shadow of the dystopian Wood Enterprises skyscraper, which houses the superintelligent AI m1CHA3LMUS.a, powered by an algorithm to hyper-efficiently call the Enforcers to shut down any queer space not under corporate control.

Welcome to Cyberfuck 2020

Jack in to the grid at our 2-floor private Metaverse Instance in the Bywater. Get some hardware implanted in you in our kinky downstairs dungeon. Let our volunteer staff of genetically-modified human pups make you feel welcome at NOLA's chillest queer play party!

1201 Mazant St

Neo Orleans

Google Maps thinks it's 4119 Marais St

Entrance through the gate around the corner on Marais and up the stairs in the courtyard


$10 before 11:00pm

Cash or Card Accepted

(Suggested donation; no one turned away for lack of funds)

18+ (ID required)

All gender

Undercurrent is a sex-positive event for queer people from age 18 to 40.
People over 40 must be sponsored by a younger attendee.
Previous Undercurrent attendees over 40 may come back without a sponsor.

Soft drinks/clothes check included

No alcohol at this event

This is a not-for-profit party

Additional donations are appreciated and sexy!


Free condoms available

Please don't bareback unless you're on PrEP or undetectable

Get tested after this shit for fucksakes

we are not responsible for verifying that attendees are free of transmissible infections
practice safer sex at your own risk


Take a glowstick bracelet if you don't mind being touched without asking.

Talk to anyone wearing a glowstick hanging from their neck if you feel unsafe and we'll kick whoever fucked with you out on their ass

(See illustrations below)

Transphobia, racism, sexism, kink-shaming, body-shaming, robophobia, or other such oppressive bullshit also not tolerated!


Before you grab your fellow cute attendee's junk, ask them if they're okay with it!

Asking verbally is always safest, but if you wanna do the non-verbal thing where you reach for the dick and make eye contact, at least wait for an enthusiastic nod.


On the other hand, if you see anyone wearing a glowstick on the wrist, just fuckin go to town on 'em. They're asking for it.

NO STILL MEANS NO however. People who mark themselves as a Glow Ho are inviting you to start without asking permission, but if they tell you to stop, you gotta fuckin stop.

Event Staff will be wearing glowsticks around their necks.

The neck glowstick means they're here to help you, but NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT WAY.

Look at the WRIST to determine who you can just indiscriminately play grab-ass with.


UNDERCURRENT is a MEMBERS-ONLY PRIVATE EVENT and is not open to the public.

It is open only to members of Dumb Twinks United Local 42069, a radical labor union of dumb twinks banding together to demand rights for bottoms. We are legally required to tell you that this is a joke, and we are actually a social club, not a labor union of dumb twinks.

You can become a member at the door. Membership is also open to dumb bears, dumb otters, or dumbasses of any body type. Smart gays can fuck off.

Your optional donation is to recoup expenses for renting our space and running events. It is not payment for or a guarantee of sexual activity. We reserve the right to refuse entry and membership to anyone.